Appart Hotel concept

Home comforts with hotel services

Appart HOtel


The Appart Hotel is the independence and comfort of home, with hotel services in addition!

An appart hotel is a furnished tourist accommodation with hotel-like services and where very short term rentals are possible.

Very useful and pleasant during short tourist or professional trips, the hotel apartment offers many advantages compared to a hotel room:

Freedom of schedule: except for check-in and check-out times, enjoy your stay in complete freedom, without any time constraints. Each apartment has a fully equipped kitchen, so you have no obligation for meal times.

More space: for the same number of people, apartment hotels generally offer 1.5 to 3 times more living space than a hotel room.

Budget management: manage your shopping budget as you wish and eat well-balanced meals as if you were at home (but we also have plenty of good restaurant tips in the area!)

Contact: an apartment hotel is not a huge impersonal hotel! Your hosts recognize you and are there to provide you with information and help.

Freedom to receive : just like at home, receive when you want.


Former hotel professionals, we chose to create the apartment hotel Les Clés du 27, a place on a very human scale, to privilege the proximity and the communication with our guests.

We fell in love with this beautiful building and this place so calm with all the Parisian charm of yesteryear.

With the help of an architect, we have renovated and decorated everything to welcome you in a warm and comfortable place.


27 rue de Tocqueville

75017 Paris


+(33) 01 47 63 15 45

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